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Take advantage of the secrets of nonverbal communication for that extra edge of confidence to overcome buyer resistance, increase sales and boost profits. Strictly Business Body Language gives you the answers and the rules of nonverbal selling power. It is your guide to a unique method of communication that could change your life and turn you into a skilled negotiator.

After reading this book, you will be able to…

Read your buyer’s key nonverbal signals and use the amazingly simple five-part body scan called “Nonverbal speed reading.”

  • Pinpoint sales resistance and turn it to your advantage.
  • Determine the selling strategy to put you in the strongest bargaining position.
  • Identify the thought processes of the man who straddles his chair or the woman who holds her drink with both hands.
  • Locate the most tactical seating position to control an interview or negotiation.
  • Recognize verbal objections before they are expressed.
  • Close more sales and increase profits.



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Experience the Power of Reading People

How often have you taken one look at someone and “know” that they were not to be trusted? Or conversely, instantly been sure that some new acquaintance was someone who was going to be a friend for life? You “know” because you can (instinctively) see character in their face, their actions and their body language.

Now, with the help of this step-by-step guide, you can incorporate simple skills and learn how to interpret facial characteristics, handwriting, nonverbal communication, social dynamics and personality, to acquire instant knowledge of a person’s character, feelings, hidden desires, emotional responses and thought processes.

Clear and practical, Judge the Jury, offers a wealth of detailed information about “hidden messages” that will change your whole perception of the people around you as well as yourself. This fascinating guide gives you the advantages you need to make in-depth character assessments and the ability to form more successful relationships.

Look like you’ve never looked before at… 

  • Handwriting 
  • Birth Order 
  • Facial Features 
  • Body Language 
  • Doodles 
  • Personality Types 
  • Mixed Messages (Lying)



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Men and women communicate with complex, confusing and often contradictory signals. If you only pick up what’s said aloud you’re missing half the message. Freeway of love shows how to take advantage of the vast world of sensual nonverbal communication to take your relationship from its early stages through to intimacy and full commitment. It teaches you the basic principles of sending and receiving body language. Analyzing men and women from head to toe, Freeway of Love shows you how to decode the messages sent by each part of the body and describes for you how to use unspoken communication to improve your love life. In a lively, informative style, Jan Hargrave guides you, step by step, through every aspect of attracting a partner, building an intimate relationship and understanding the opposite sex.

After reading this book, you will be able to…

  • Create your love map to find your dream lover
  • Understand the body language of attraction from first glance to intimacy
  • Indicate your availability to a potential lover
  • Distinguish green, yellow or red signals sent to you from an admirer
  • Grasp the five basic tips for better kissing
  • Realize when “no” means “yes”
  • Discover your lie detection IQ
  • Learn tips to recognize a liar
  • Discern the emotions that accompany your lover’s sensual touch
  • Comprehend how various parts of the body can attract a possible partner
  • Identify the stages of nonverbal sexual intimacy



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Jan teaches you the different ways in which our bodies communicate to the world around us. As a popular speaker on the power and effect that nonverbal communication has on our success in corporate America and in education, Jan describes the “hidden messages” we use in our everyday lives.Nonverbal communication “Body Language” often communicates a different message from the spoken word. Learn what your body, and the body of others, are communicating to the world.

Learn to…


  • Make a positive impression on others
  • Persuade others to adopt your viewpoint
  • Communicate your ideas more powerfull
  • Take charge, without being overbearing
  • Become more assertive and less aggressive
  • Tell what others are really thinking
  • Discern and diffuse hostility in others
  • Identify differences in cultural communication
  • Recognize love signs and power plays

“Writing it has proved to be a journey within my soul. I have put my words, my thoughts, my feelings and my ideas on paper to help make a difference in the lives of those who will read it. Learn from it, cry from it… take a journey with me… I guarantee you it will be the ride of a lifetime.” Jan Hargrave


Let me see your body talk,

read the rhythm of your walk,

learn the language of your sighs,

for you speak poetry to my eyes
Although your posture gives commands,

you speak gentleness with your hands.
Your emotion is softly heard,

without the need to say a word.

In the way you look at me,

there’s so much that I can see;

I can tell if your tears lie,
or if caring makes you cry.

Even in the way you sleep,
I know secrets dark and deep,

or in the magic of your touch,

that you love me very much.

Hold me, kiss me, hug me, squeeze me;

get to know me; learn to please me.

It’s as easy as A, B, C;

body language holds the key.





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 Poker is a game based on information availability. A person does not know for certain how superior or mediocre another player’s hand is, often until it is too late. But because poker is a game of human interaction, a person can receive clues from other players based on changes in their physical demeanor or betting patterns. These “tells” can reveal the strength or weakness of a player’s hand. Observing and understanding the meaning of an opponent’s “tell” provides a valuable advantage for the perceptive poker player. From analyzing the way a person stacks his chips to the manner in which he handles his cards, Jan Hargrave provides the reader with the secrets to success at the poker table. 


Learn why it is important to: 

  • Identify when opponents are bluffing.
  • Analyze excessive eye blinking and frequent swallowing.
  • Recognize the best “poker-playing position.”
  • Grasp the significance of why a poker player would handle his chips with his left hand.
  • Decipher the meaning of the “liar’s lean.”
  • Classify various poker personality styles.
  • Figure out the poker player who strokes his chin before he places his bet.
  • Learn how to display a “poker face.”



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