Strictly Business Body Language

Take advantage of the secrets of nonverbal communication for that extra edge of confidence to overcome buyer resistance, increase sales and boost profits. Strictly Business Body Language gives you the answers and the rules of nonverbal selling power. It is your guide to a unique method of communication that could change your life and turn you into a skilled negotiator.

After reading this book, you will be able to…

Read your buyer’s key nonverbal signals and use the amazingly simple five-part body scan called “Nonverbal speed reading.”

  • Pinpoint sales resistance and turn it to your advantage.
  • Determine the selling strategy to put you in the strongest bargaining position.
  • Identify the thought processes of the man who straddles his chair or the woman who holds her drink with both hands.
  • Locate the most tactical seating position to control an interview or negotiation.
  • Recognize verbal objections before they are expressed.
  • Close more sales and increase profits.



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