Judge The Jury

Experience the Power of Reading People

How often have you taken one look at someone and “know” that they were not to be trusted? Or conversely, instantly been sure that some new acquaintance was someone who was going to be a friend for life? You “know” because you can (instinctively) see character in their face, their actions and their body language.

Now, with the help of this step-by-step guide, you can incorporate simple skills and learn how to interpret facial characteristics, handwriting, nonverbal communication, social dynamics and personality, to acquire instant knowledge of a person’s character, feelings, hidden desires, emotional responses and thought processes.

Clear and practical, Judge the Jury, offers a wealth of detailed information about “hidden messages” that will change your whole perception of the people around you as well as yourself. This fascinating guide gives you the advantages you need to make in-depth character assessments and the ability to form more successful relationships.

Look like you’ve never looked before at…

  • Handwriting
  • Birth Order
  • Facial Features
  • Body Language
  • Doodles
  • Personality Types
  • Mixed Messages (Lying)



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