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Freeway Of Love

Men and women communicate with complex, confusing and often contradictory signals. If you only pick up what’s said aloud you’re missing half the message. Freeway of love shows how to take advantage of the vast world of sensual nonverbal communication to take your relationship from its early stages through to intimacy and full commitment. It teaches you the basic principles of sending and receiving body language. Analyzing men and women from head to toe, Freeway of Love shows you how to decode the messages sent by each part of the body and describes for you how to use unspoken communication to improve your love life. In a lively, informative style, Jan Hargrave guides you, step by step, through every aspect of attracting a partner, building an intimate relationship and understanding the opposite sex.

After reading this book, you will be able to…

  • Create your love map to find your dream lover
  • Understand the body language of attraction from first glance to intimacy
  • Indicate your availability to a potential lover
  • Distinguish green, yellow or red signals sent to you from an admirer
  • Grasp the five basic tips for better kissing
  • Realize when “no” means “yes”
  • Discover your lie detection IQ
  • Learn tips to recognize a liar
  • Discern the emotions that accompany your lover’s sensual touch
  • Comprehend how various parts of the body can attract a possible partner
  • Identify the stages of nonverbal sexual intimacy


1 review for Freeway Of Love

  1. DrPsych

    I saw the author speak at a conference and she was excellent. She was so entertaining, I wrote down her name and searched on-line for her books. The books cover alot of the same material…I must confess, she’s more entertaining live!…but this is interesting material for anyone interested in improving their communications skills and their ability to “read” people

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