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Non-verbal Communication

As the nation’s leading behavioral authority, body language expert and trial consultant, Jan Hargrave provides you with the skills you need to truly “read” yourself and everyone around you. Have Jan wow your audience by clicking the button below.

About Jan Hargrave

Body language expert Jan Hargrave teaches you the ways in which YOUR body communicates with the world around you. As the nation’s leading behavioral authority and body language expert, Jan can teach you the skills you need to “read” your family, your associates, your customers, in fact, everyone around you. Jan is the author of 5 best selling books, Let Me See Your Body Talk, Freeway of Love, Judge the Jury, Strictly Business Body Language, and Poker Face. 

“When it comes to success or failure, what you say often matters far less than how you say it.”

She has shared her expertise about body language, persuasion and influence with the New York Times, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, Fox Television, the Steve Harvey Show, The Lifetime Channel, E-Entertainment, Television and dozens of popular magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Glamor, People, InTouch Weekly, Us Weekly, Life & Style, First for Women, The Forensic Examiner, Golf Magazine and others. Jan has consulted with fortune 500 companies like Starbucks, Hanes, Noble Oil, and more. Jan describes the “hidden messages’ you use in your everyday life and shows you how to stop the lies and uncover the truth—in any conversation or situation.

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Jan Hargrave will wow your audience by teaching them the ways in which their body communicates to the world around you. Her information could help you to “read” your customers, your family, your students, your associates, in fact, everyone around you. Jan has spoken for major audiences around the world, including Tony Robbins, Joseph Mcclendon iii, Starbucks, Hanes, and many other Fortune 500 companies! Her talks are often hailed as the best of the conferences she speaks at. Jan will excite your attendees, inspire their minds, and teach an invaluable skill!

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Jan Hargrave is the author of 5 top-selling books on non-verbal communication and her in-depth online course: “Mastering Business Body Language.”

Mastering Business Body Language Online Course

Strictly Business Body Language

Judge the Jury

Freeway of Love

Let Me See Your Body Talk

Poker Face

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From how to read people, to handwriting analysis, non-verbal communication in business, relationships, or poker! Jan will deliver and can take her knowledge to spin it to connect the dots in any industry. Check out her speaker topics by clicking the button to get more specific details.